The truth of the one night stand

5 thoughts on “The truth of the one night stand”

  1. It’s like loosing your virginity all over again. But the good news is, it gets better. I hope it’s getting better!


  2. I just binge watched 600 bottles of wine whilst drinking wine on my own and feeling like I was watching my life. FML. Try a 15 year end of a relationship (got together at 18, now 36). Dating is hard core harsh these days. I have had too many of those one night stands that momentarily felt better but still feels more odd than amazing. Feels empowering to just enjoy no strings sex but then I’m drinking wine on my own and having a bit of a cry.
    Thanks for understanding and good to know it’s not just me.

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    1. Hi Rach! Sorry to hear you are going through what sounds like a heavy break up. If there is anything I’ve learnt its thats the no strings sex and crying is all a part of it. Keep making horrific decisions (probably bad advice) as long as you have friends to drink the wine with at the end of the day. Thanks for watching 600, it always makes me smile to know its been relatable to someone and let someone know they’re not alone. All the best. xxx


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